Our Team

Cliff Skinner

Cliff is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of DataEmerge and for leading and managing all aspects of DataEmerge customer support. Prior to DataEmerge, Cliff worked in the healthcare information technology arena for over 25 years. He has worked for providers, software vendors and consulting firms in a variety of roles spanning application development, systems programming, implementation, and management. Growing up in a small tobacco town Fort Barnwell, North Carolina, Cliff understands that to get respect, you have to earn it.

Kevin Saffer

As CTO, and with over 35 years of experience in the field of software development, Kevin is responsible for taking the lead at DataEmerge as our chief product data architect. His vast knowledge has been a benefit in technology infrastructure for internal operations, product implementations and future development. One of Kevin’s many personal strengths is that he possess a strong work ethic. He believes in treating everyone fairly and works hard to produce a “Quality End Product” for our clients.

Bob Drake
Senior Data Extractor

With 30+ years of experience in the healthcare IT arena, Bob has been an independent consultant and developer for 20 years. He specializes in Siemens Invision applications, including Patient Management, P.A., Medical Records, Orders, Clinical Observations and Results, and interfaces. He has extensive programming experience with the proprietary data access tools used to extract data from the Invision databases. He also has expertise in the Siemens Decision Support System (Data Warehouse). In addition, Bob can extract virtually any type of demographic, financial or clinical data from Invision, transform it, load it into a relational database, and develop web applications to access the data.

Cindy Wagman
Data Solutions Coordinator

Alex Van Schoyck
Lead Full Stack Developer

Alex is a college student at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. He is double majoring in Computer Science and Business Management. With over 8 years of web programming experience including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and SQL, Alex specializes in building websites and web applications. He is working with DataEmerge to develop custom internal solutions for project management. While using his skills to help improve the company, Alex is learning about database systems and computer science in the healthcare sector. In addition to programming skills, Alex is enthusiastic and is always trying to expand his knowledge and learn something new.

Andrew Gulick
Software Development Intern

Andrew is a college student at The Ohio State University majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. He has a background of computer science experience, including some game design and overall project management. Although he is new to the web application development scene, he is learning quickly and is well on his way to mastering an understanding of HTML, CSS, Client and Serverside Javascript, and even picking up some PHP along the way! He is also observing and assisting with data extraction projects to expand his knowledge of SQL and other database systems.

Purnima Chanda
Senior Data Migration Specialist

Purnima has over 7 years of experience in a wide range of software development and data analysis. With her knowledge of automation scripting languages as well as numerous database systems like SQL Server and Oracle, she has become an invaluable member of our DataEmerge team. To top it all off, Purnima has worked over the past 6 years with dozens of healthcare facilities all across the United States, exposing her to lots of different clientside medical applications and systems. She is working alongside Kevin to make sure our customers get the absolute best extraction experience!

Sawaiz Usman
Data Migration Specialist

Sawaiz comes to DataEmerge with a year of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) experience under his belt. He has worked extensively with SQL scripting and ETL process design. Sawaiz is using his backround in technical documentation and process design tools such as Informatica to help DataEmerge design and improve our daily operations. He is working with Purnima and Kevin, learning about the multitude of systems from which we extract data and helping to make sure our extractions run smoothly and quickly!

David Pryor
Data Migration Specialist

David joins DataEmerge with a background in working with databases and SQL systems over the past 10 years. He graduated locally from OSU with a degree in CIS and has worked with databases and data analysis in a few different capacities since then. David is working with the other DataEmerge team members to refine the monitoring processes that are used during Data Extractions and is helping to design systems that mitigate the delay between an extraction error and the time when a DataEmerge employee is properly notified and dispatched to fix the problem. His work is helping DataEmerge provide the fastest possible response to issues, resulting in a faster extraction process overall!