PDF Report Viewer/Generator

DataEmerge's own PDF Report Viewer and Generator performs multiple functions.

The generator takes a batch of .xml files in HL7 Standard format for Continuity of Care Documents(CCDs). It outputs custom, styled PDF reports containing the information. These PDF's feature embeded hyperlinks for quick navigation when viewing reports on-screen. They are also printable, should the client wish to have paper copies of these records.

The viewer is a versatile Web Application which uses patient metadata (first/last name, date of birth, etc.) to allow a patient record search. The client may search for a patient using this tool and then select and download/print the corresponding PDF report generated by the generation tool.

PDF Report Viewer/Generator Features

  • Designed to be installed on new/existing Intranet system
  • Security features in place to prevent unauthorized access to the PDF documents
  • Written in PHP, a widely available programming language that most servers already have installed
  • Handles XML files containing multiple ClinicalDocuments
  • Monitors progress during PDF generation and generates detailed report listing what (if any) errors occured
  • PDF Reports are stylable, allowing easy matching to a client's prefered color scheme

Try it out!

Curious to see what this tool looks like? Check out a demo by contacting our team at info@dataemerge.com.