We extract legacy data from retired systems

Legacy Systems

Do you need to retire your Healthcare or Payroll system? We work with an ever-expanding list of systems. Our systems page lists many of the systems we have worked on in the past.

Our List of Systems

Data Extraction

DataEmerge strives to be the most complete patient and employee data extraction resource for your data extraction needs for healthcare or human resource/payroll systems. Find out how we securely and efficiently extract your data.

How We Extract Data

Data Modeling

After extracting your data, we will happily give you the SQL file. Looking for something more? Look no further! We'll happily generate PDF Crystal Reports of your data. For a complete legacy data solution, we'll connect you with one of our partners and load your data into a fully-accessible archive system.

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Customer Service

The DataEmerge team offers vast knowledge and experience – plus we love what we do! We pride ourselves in providing the best tools and resources for completing your project. Our extraction experts know the systems, the data fields, and the best & most efficient methods to extract your data.

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