Data Extraction


In our field, fine-tuning extraction methods is essential to efficient data extraction. When we are working with tens of millions of records, just one redundant step–copying a file, perhaps–can cost many hours and lots of valuable server processing power. That's why our data extraction experts use their years of experience to create the most efficient, time-saving extraction plan for your data.


Working with healthcare and payroll data, no one understands better than our company how mission-critical your data is. There is no room for error. The extracted data must be exactly the same as the data originally residing in the legacy system. We balance the extracted data using reports from the legacy system and from the new migrated databases. Then, we reconcile the balances and records to assure we captured all of the data and nothing was lost.


Not only is your data important, but it is often sensitive and confidential. At DataEmerge, we hold ourselves to the most rigid security practices to ensure the secure transfer of your data from your legacy system to your new archive. We will adhere to any and all security/access guidelines as instructed by your company. We will work remotely with your servers, ensuring that the data transfer stays internally in your infrastructure, never sending your data across an unsecured connection to another server. If the extraction involves transferring data to an archive product or other external server, we will ensure that it is completed over a secured, encrypted connection. The security of your data is of utmost importance to us.

HIPAA Guidelines

We take your data seriously. Our employees sign NDAs and follow strict security guidelines. We comply with all HIPAA Guidelines and Regulations. We will work with your company to make sure that your data stays safe and secure.