Echo Tool

Echo™ is an Extract/Transform/Load tool used to retrieve data from data sources, and transform it into a Microsoft SQL database. A tool was needed to get bulk data out quickly and efficiently. Echo™ can easily connect to any database that has an ODBC connection and start migrating the data at a very high speed. Echo™ extractions can be used for any size data source, Echo™ has been very successful in speed and handling special data exception needs with the client’s data.  There are other products similar to Echo™ but the difference is DataEmerge has streamlined Echo™ so that it is focused on a key abilities; speed, ease of use, and adaptability to allow for changes as needed.

Echo™ Features

  • Full logging and multi-table selections allow for unattended operations
  • Has the ability of generating Table and Column listings and statistics from the source system.
  • Uses widely available ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) drivers to perform inquiry and table selection functions.
  • Diagnostic capabilities to check for extract problems early in the process
  • Flexible data retrieval statements for problem tables and columns
  • Multi-threaded, or multi-process operations allow parallel extracts to operate simultaneously
  • Outputs to MS-SQL using Integration Services for high speed bulk loads.