What We Do

Our Focus

Hospitals and physician practices can spend months researching, selecting and implementing a new EMR. Each practice has unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs.

Hospitals and physician practices want or are required to keep their existing legacy patient data. This data can be incorporated into an EMR archive system for accessing for legal purposes, audits or for analytical reasons. To accomplish this, the data from the legacy system must be extracted to be archived or stored in a data warehouse format. We will extract all of the desired source data and place it into a SQL database to be archived or imported into your data warehouse.

DataEmerge specializes in extracting existing patient clinical and financial data from a legacy system to archive systems. We do not sell archive systems; our job is to deliver on the challenging task of extracting all of your legacy data and migrating it to an archive product or a data warehouse.

Getting the data out of the legacy system can be the hardest task, due to the system age and the huge amounts of data and is the primary element in a successful data migration. We specialize in working with any source system and other storage device.

We balance the extracted data using reports from the legacy system and from the new migrated databases we reconcile the balances and records to assure we captured all of the data, so nothing will be lost.